Phosphatidylcholine Aging

Phosphatidylcholine supplementation has many uses in slowing down or even reversing the aging process. As it is involved in so many fundamental processes in the body, from cellular structure to fat digestion, ensuring adequate consumption is vitally important. Decades of study of Phosphatidylcholine in many different areas have shown it to be very safe, and from this a picture is emerging that as we get older additional Phosphatidylcholine, achieved through supplementing, can address many of these factors of Aging.

Phosphatidylcholine levels in the cell decrease as we age. Found in very high concentrations when we are born, particulary in brain tissue, a normal part of aging process is these levels decline over time. By supplementing with Phosphatidylcholine in addition to what we get from our regular diet, we can increase the levels in our cells and halt or even reverse the age-related decline.

Many studies have found Phosphatidylcholine supplements can improve learning, aid memory, help promote healthy skin elasticity, and even support optimal liver function.

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