Phosphatidylcholine Side Effects

Phosphatidylcholine supplementation has been proven to be relatively free of any serious side effects or problems. Of those reported, Phosphatidylcholine side effects from supplementation are mild, and transitory in nature, meaning they are experienced as a short-term discomfort from ingesting the supplement.

Phosphatidylcholine supplementation can produce irritation down the digestive tract, resulting in stomach upset and associated digestive issues. If you experience nausia or develop a reduction in your appetite then eating something light prior to the dose of phosphatidylcholine might help reduce or even prevent any stomach problems. Of course as with all supplements please seek your doctors advice if any stomach issues don’t go away (or get worse).

Looseness of the bowels or Diarrhea can be experience by some people after supplementing with Phosphatidylcholine. Repeated, loose bowel movement can be troublesome to ones regular life and may probably happen in addition to stomach irritation. The fluid loss from Diarrhea can result in serious dehydration, and it is important to contact your doctor if any of these symptoms persist.

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