Ray Kurzweil on Phosphatidylcholine

Inventor, Author, and Futurist Raw Kurzweil on bigthink.com talks about how important Phosphatidylcholine is in its role in aging.

Phosphatidylcholine addresses all by itself a major aging process. This is because that substances depletes from your cell membrane, and thats why the skin in an eldery person loses its suppleness and your organs don’t work very well.”

The video covers his “Top 3 Supplements” which alongside Phosphatidylcholine he also includes Vitamin D, and Coenzyme Q10 to address the many factors involved in the aging process. He recommends using these supplements (alongside others) in an effort to slow down or even reverse these aging processes.

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  1. Achan Joyce says:

    I am undergoing a liver therapy with LIVOLIN Forte that contains the component of phospatidylccholin and just I one month I feel agreat change in my health.For how long do I take these supplement?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Joyce, we definitely recommend consulting your doctor for questions like these. However from our research it appears LIVOLIN is an over the counter dietary supplement containing phosphatidylcholine and some vitamins and minerals, and as such can typically be taken for extended periods of time without any issues. Again though we suggest you bring this up with your physician or liver specialist as it will be relevant to your current therapies results. Thanks for getting in contact!

  3. C. J. McMilan says:

    I am taking Prevagen, I would like to know if one could also take

  4. linda says:

    i took prevagen for one week i was so screwed up i quit taking them it took me 2 days to get back to normal. it might be just me . i have gotten phosphatidylcholine ivs and they are wonderful but very expensive. have a good day linda

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